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Frequently asked questions

+ What is Ryze?

Ryze is a new kind of hospitality service - we want to bring elegant room service to everyone. We provide high-end breakfasts in bed and hospitality products delivered on-demand by UBER. We change our room service menu regularly, and strive to bring you new and exciting hospitality products from around the world. Welcome to Ryze.

We serve:

  • Boutique Hotels - We are your turn-key room service provider
  • High-end AirBnB apartments - Transform your AirBnB aparment into a hotel
  • Individuals - Discerning customers order from us for themselves and their loved ones

+ How Does Ryze work?

  1. Browse our daily menu
  2. Add items to your cart and checkout quickly
  3. Credit card payment is handled through our secure server
  4. Our friends at UBER will deliver your order, giving you a tracking link, which looks just like the UBER app.
  5. Enjoy!

+ When & Where does Ryze deliver?


Our opening hours are currently limited: 8-11AM Mon-Thurs, and 9AM-2PM Fri-Sun

We are working to quickly expand operations to earlier in the morning and into the late night - just like real room service.

We deliver to Manhattan between Canal and 14th at the moment. We are quickly looking to extend the service further uptown and into Brooklyn. There is a small delivery charge depending on where you live. There is no gratuity, and there are no cash exchanges. A delivery can take between 20 and 40 minutes depending on the items that you order and your distance from our kitchen location.

+ Who are the Ryze chefs?

Ryze’s team of chefs are among NYC's top private chefs. They have experience running their own well-regarded restaurants, before pursuing private chef careers. Our chefs have extensive experience sourcing ingredients, managing kitchen teams, developing menus, and wowing customers. We conducted extensive taste tests before forming our kitchen team.


Originally from the south, at age 11 Karl's family moved to Minnesota, a place where rosemary is "spicy." Karl learned to cook in self-defense. Among his past professional credits, Karl was the owner Executive Chef of The Country Club in New Orleans, and launched Empire Biscuit in New York City's East Village. He has also worked in Italy, The Dominican Republic and France. Karl is often referred to in the press as 'The Food Stamp Chef' due to his long commitment and activism on food insecurity issues. He writes an ongoing blog on the Huffington Post.


Corey Belle is originally from Philadelphia, where she trained as a chef and started her career in the city's most notable restaurants. She then traveled the world, working in South East Asia and Australia. Upon returning to the U.S., she starred in Fox's Hell's Kitchen, hosted by Gordon Ramsay, where she achieved 3rd place. Corey later chose to become a food stylist and private chef in New York City. Her clients include numerous advertising agencies, magazines, restaurants, and TV shows, including: Suave, Fitness Magazine, Piada, Pio Pio, and Robin Miller.

+ About the Food.

CONCEPT We believe in a organic, healthy experiences with amazing flavors and inspirations from around the world. We keep our menu fresh and exciting.

SOURCING Under our Chefs' direction, the Ryze kitchen uses only the world's best ingredients leveraging with relationships with New York's finest food purveyors, and with merchants from around the world - small farmers, cattle ranchers, fish mongers and cheese makers who put their hearts and souls into the artisanal products they bring to the Ryze kitchen. Our menu and techniques are in constant evolutionary process, defined by the foundation created by these ethically-sourced ingredients.

ALLERGIES & DIETARY RESTRICTIONS We have a number of vegetarian & vegan products. We also have several items that are gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy free. However, we do handle wheat, dairy and nuts in our kitchen. We are planning on developing a second kitchen within our facility to produce food specifically for people with severe allergic reactions.

+ About the Hospitality Products.

We endeavor to bring you a selection of high-end products from the best global brands. Our current selection is from Italy, Japan, France, U.S. and U.K. We scour the world for brands that represent who we are and who our customers are - creative, adventurous, ambitious, restless. Many of our brands are household names known for quality, but some are yet to be discovered.

These products are intended to transform your experience whether you're staying at an AirBnB, at a boutique hotel, or at home. We are working to create a seamless experience across these three segments. Again, everything is available for on-demand delivery by UBER.

+ Canceling an order & Changing Delivery Time.

We understand that things can come up in life, so we're making it easy for you to cancel or change your order if you order in advance. Just send us email * *within 10 minutes of placing your order and you will be able to cancel your order or change your timing. You can also call our kitchen at: xxx-xxx-xxxx. We are very flexible with advance orders - follow the same procedure as above. Refunds may take up to 3 days to reflect on your credit card statement.

+ What are your social impact initiatives?

When we founded Ryze, we wanted it to be an opportunity for us to create something that we loved, and that we could use as a vehicle to do good in society. To begin with, we consider social impact in every aspect of our business from sourcing to delivery.

Moreover, we have committed a percentage of our net profits to social impact initiatives - and rather than investing them into a single project or with a single partner, we will spread them across a number of initiatives. We are planning on devoting resources to fighting hunger, creating community art, supporting education, among others. We will be operating on a global basis, and our impact will be tracked in detail on this website once our programs are up and running.